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Re: Robert Fripp

One of my quests is still to mix all my loopers and
digital rack gear with my favorite stomp boxes mainy
compressors fuzzboxes and wahs but as i hooked them up
in the back of the external control jacks from my
roland GP100 preamp i noticed that it changes their
tone quality.Another issue is having pedals plus the
fcb1010 plus my GR33 synth on the floor which doesnt
motivate me too much.If i could just trigger all of
them with the FCB1010 with the signal not being
affected it would be great! Is anybody doing this kind
of configuration?

> also, mr fripp uses his tone controls very
> carefully- it's quite a mellow sound compared to,
> say, gary moore playing the same sort of guitar
> through the same amp and on the same pickup. but
> this would be the famous "skysaw"                
>  e-bow-less sound that eno introduced him to, and
> therefore probably deeply secret. I think fripp
> has a tiny e-bow built into the palm of his hand,
> meself. doesn't that sound a bit like him on that
> "we are all made of stars" tosh by moby melville?
> anyway, no octaver.>>


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