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Re: Bill Frisell looping songs?

check out the album with Elvin Jones and Dave Holland, also Ghost Town
(completely solo, some multitracking, some looping) and any of the live
album - the two Buster Keaton soundtracks are favourites of mine...

...or just order his entire back catalogue, and check it all out... money
well spent...

I'm guessing that 'Heaven', the duo record he's done recently with Ron 
(under Ron's name) will feature lots of looping, but I've not been able to
get a copy for sensible money yet... will look for it when I'm in 
in January/Febuary...

www.steve-lawson.co.uk (great CDs for christmas.... :o)    )
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> Which tunes does Bill Frisell do looping stuff on? I'm looking for some
recommended listening. BTW any Keller Williams fans in the house?