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Re: tones etc. frisell, mixers, and all things loopie

Hi Louie. I currently use an Eurorack 2004 in my guitar rack (mainly with 
loopers and fx) and a DDX3216 (Behringer digital mixer) in my studio(for
recording along with an RME Digiface).
I love their sound. Now Behringer has created a new line of Euroracks 
remember the name but you can find them on Behringer web site) that are 
like the old ones, but contain as a bonus feature a 24 bit Virtualizer fx
processor inside. I think I'll try one of them,too.

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Subject: Re: tones etc. frisell, mixers, and all things loopie

> Thanks mike
> ill check out the behringers i supposed they´re
> cheaper as well... but better?
> L.a
> >
> > i think they sound great.....BUT.....after a few
> > months i realized that i
> > needed more.....if you can get a bigger unit go for
> > it, next to "random play"
> > on a cd machine, effect sends and returns are the
> > greatest invention since
> > sliced bread.....perhaps a larger "beringher" mixer,
> > any thoughts on
> > that?......and all this talk about the best loopers,
> > my advice, collect all
> > the loopers you can, the more the loopier.....as for
> > frisell, i heard my
> > first on "ghost town" a few months ago and was
> > totally blown away, this past
> > weekend i was turned onto "this land" ouch!,  its
> > very cool to have a "hero"
> > when you're my age.....his tone, his playing, his
> > orkestration and most
> > importantly, his composition, WOW.....michael
> >
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