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RE: vst loop plugin

great ideas, richard.  sounds like you've got a bit of a combination of
ableton's live and the little plug we're working on.

the biggest limitations designing (and using) applications intended for 
use, in my experience, is in designing the input/control interaction with
the user.  i personally dislike using the mouse for live performance... it
just seems to slow/inefficient.  with a keyboard or midi inteface, one hand
can control many functions simultaneously and quickly.  the trick then is 
come up with a small, but deep, enough set of controls and have them tied 
an interface with enough visual feedback to make the abstract controls
meaningful and familiar.

and, of course, you want to design something that is practical enough to
implement.  so what controls do you keep?  which are the most fun to work
with live?

i'm hearing the following features:
- input monitors
- visual overview of samples
- loop marker creation
- loop marker manipulation (sliding, changing length)
- independent loop start/end point manipulation (almost the same as the
- multiple loops (only doing one per instance right now)
- keyboard loop triggering w/optional quantized trigger
    (this is almost in there already, only via midi though)
- loop sequencing

any other ideas from you guys?

by the way, a lot of what you're talking about will be immediately 
with the combined use of a v-stack/console like application and several
instances of the plug we're building spread out on multiple effects slots.
nothing is stopping you from having multiple instances of 'looper' going

i'm really excited about these new vst effects shell apps.  good chance 
they'll be extremely helpful to those of us who do live stuff via laptops.


> From: Richard Zvonar [mailto:zvonar@zvonar.com]
> I usually "perform" on signal processors, with input coming from
> recordings or other players, as opposed to playing an instrument and
> capturing loops of what I've played. I'd like a user interface that
> lets me have a visual overview of the sound material and which will
> give me quick access to editing and signal routing. Therefore I'd
> like to be able to record multiple audio inputs into buffers that can
> be either fully independent or linked together as two-channel or
> multichannel recordings. Then I'd like to be able to loop sections of
> these recordings either by "dropping" markers or by drag-selecting
> segments.
> Once I've defined one or more loops I'd like to be able to slide them
> around, either by dragging with the mouse or by assigning a MIDI
> controller. I'd want to control the start and end points of the loops
> either independently or as a pair, so I could dynamically change the
> length of a loop or so I could slide it back and forth through the
> recorded material. It would be good to be able to do this with more
> than one loop simultaneously.
> It should be possible to define multiple loops within a recording and
> to assign the selection of these loops to a graphic or physical
> controller such as a MIDI or QWERTY keyboard. Jumping from one loop
> to another should be optionally either instant or queueable, so that
> each loop would play completely through before switching to the next.
> A refinement of this loop sequencing system would be to save
> sequences as presets that could then be triggered. This would allow
> the creation of multi-loop phrases.
> The user interface for this stuff could be complicated to design, but
> I'd like it to reflect graphically the "objectness" of the loops and
> loop sequences.
> >ALSO... we still need two or three more people to help us with our vst
> >plugin.  anybody else want to help test/play with an early version of 
> >above concept?
> Sign me up.
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