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Re:Re: Behringer Re: tones etc. frisell, mixers, and all things loopie

> I was going to throw one in a SKB DJ shuttle or Mini Gig rig. Is this a 
>  heavy" set up?
>  > > >Eurouack  2642
>  >worst thing is to then get a rack system with the
>  >mixer on top and  find it's too heavy to move
>  >.....................................duh!

Well I got a 12u semi-flight rack (SKB, i think).
Once you get a load of FX  in it it's 
a 2 person job to lift.
Also, when you put the front and back on it's somewhat more 
bulky than you'd expect. 

Remember, rack units with built in PSU are heavy, and the rest 
have a wall wart. Unless you want to make up a special 
mains power distribution for the rack you'll also have 
the weight of plugboards.

None of the items involved are particularly heavy on their own,
but it all adds up. 

At the moment the "big rack" stays home, where it's
very useful (as it has castors, I can move the mixer 
into the best position for monitoring very easily),
but live I'm using  an 8u Quickrack which is
just a light metal frame.
(and been using the mixer unpackaged) 

A lot depends on whether you have a van, help with lifting, 
or whether you keep your gear in a upstairs room.
(me...no van...no help...upstairs)

I don't know the size of the stuff you're considering,
but you definately want to keep it as small as possible.
If you're using the 2642 for sane stuff, rather than exploiting 
it's potential for re-routing a whole bunch of FX and Loopers
then I'd expect you can work out something practical.
The  2642 plus 2 or 3 rack units in a box would be manageable. 

andy butler