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Re: OT: Simplification -> stuff for sale!!

on 12/15/02 12:55 PM, Doug Cox at dougcox@pdq.net wrote:

> Boss RPS-10 and RDD-20 in single space rack shelf w/ power supply - $200
> The Boss RPS-10 is the well known delay, reverse delay and pitch shifter.
> Used by Adrian Belew to deliver his signature reverse guitar sound.  The
> RDD-20 is lesser known, but also a beautiful tone monster.  Regular and
> modulated delays, with tone controls that effect the echoes.  This combo
> includes a Boss PSA 120T power supply and a daisy chain cable to link 
> from one box to the next.

One other note to people looking at this combo, my version of it used an
RDD-10 and an RSD-10 (sampling delay). I stuck my volume pedal in between
the two for some nice effects where the RDD-10 could build a lot of density
that could then be faded into the longer delay. I can't comment on the