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Re: In need of help

Hi, i was wondering if u ever got to see my list of equipment.  if not
please let me know and ill type away.  Thanks, Ted
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Subject: Re: In need of help

> Hi Ted,
> In a message dated 12/13/02 1:08:15 AM, Ted82@charter.net writes:
> >Hi...I just subscribed to loopers and don't know exactly how this works
> >but ill give it a try.  Anyways, i have been saving and buying and 
> >and buying for 2 years now to get some really good equipment for a 
> >rack.  I'm finally where i want to be, but the only problem is wiring 
> >thing.  I'm a rookie at this and since this is such a complex rig im 
> >ill learn more than enough after its all wired.  Well' if anyone could
> >help me by drawing up a diagram or some kinda schematic it would
> >be great!!! So i'll list all my equipment for whoever can try and help 
> >out. Thanks, Ted!
> Gee, that seems weird for some reason. Not many other Teds on this list.
> Heck, other than my son and my father I hardly KNOW any other Teds.
> Well, enough of that for now. I play guitar, I use a rack system (have
> done so for over a dozen years now). A couple of years ago I expanded
> from 12 spaces to 16 spaces. Can't claim to be a total expert but I 
> I have tried as many options as there are and have made all the mistakes
> there are to make on the way to getting MY tone (so far as that goes).
> I don't know if I can help but fire away whenever you're ready with that
> list. I bet a significant number of guitar geeks on the LD list will have
> sorts of good ideas for you. Tell us what you've got. I suppose if your
> intended rack setup contains a looper of some sort somewhere in the
> signal chain it won't be considered too "off topic" for this list.
> Best,
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