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Re: Stereo Mixers

I've seen a bunch of them out there.  When I was checking them out, there 
would always be at least one on eBay:



Look at the price trend lately!

On the LM, the monitor bus is post-fader, so SOLO works really well as a 
stereo "Looper Send".  It also allows one to send the main mix when no 
button is pressed.  I think that ALT 3/4 is also post-fader, plus there is 
an "ALT 3/4 to Main" or "to RTN" (I can't remember which) button, so one 
doesn't even have to do any tricky routing to get it to operate 
the same as the monitor bus for a second, stereo "To Looper".  On other 
Mackies, one could probably "Y" the Alt 3/4 L/R outs and return them to a 
Stereo Channel (don't press ALT 3/4 on that channel) or Return for the 
effect, although I'm sure some brainiac is going to remind us all why one 
shouldn't "Y" the outputs at this point....


At 20:33 17/12/2002, you wrote:
>I've got a 1642 VLZpro. I have used the subs as stereo sends but the
>annoyance there is that the per channel switching is then just in or out 
>I've still got to move the sub faders in parallel to keep the levels
>matched. On top of that I've still got 4 mono sends. Now, true, mono works
>great for the EDP, but I've got a lot of stereo effects and I'd like some
>real stereo sends.
>I haven't checked out the LM-3204. They don't seem to show up all that
>P.S. Despite the frustrations with limited stereo routing support, the
>Mackie is one of the purchases I've been happier about.
>on 12/16/02 7:39 AM, Engineering at hans@ernieball.com wrote:
> > I like the Mackie LM-3204, which has two mono and two stereo effect
> > sends (only the mono OR the stereo are available at any given time per
> > channel).  All of its inputs are mono/stereo.  The MONITOR bus also
> > makes a nice stereo send, as does the AUX 3/4 bus.
> >
> > -Hans