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Here's another find....

Echoplex EP-3 for trade
Asking Price: US$N/A
Condition: Good
Age: N/A
I've got an Echoplex EP-3 from the early 1970s. It's in fair to good cosmetic condition and very good mechanical condition (will give you specifics on request). I just had it gone over by a tech and had the tape cartridge replaced with a new one and the belt replaced. I am looking to do a straight trade for an original Digitech Whammy WH-1 (not reissue) or a partial trade for some pedals in the Ibanez '808' series, specifically PQ-401, OD-855 or OD-850. Please let me know what you have got and have good pictures to send. Thanks!
Seller: Tim Privitera,
E-mail: tprivitera at nc.rr.com (Profile)
Post Date: 12/14/2002