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Re: A Looping Holiday Gift to my pals on LD

Title: Re: A Looping Holiday Gift to my pals on LD
Hi Mark--

That's a nice piece-- the space and balance of timbres work really well. I particularly liked the somewhat more freeform beginning and ending sections.

Thanks for posting it.


ghost 7/ Oranje

on 12/19/02 2:56 AM, Marklar at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

Hey gang,

I recently met a vocalist named Maria and had an *amazing* jam.  I hooked
her up with my second Repeater and a Digitech DSP128.  The rest is me and my
drum machine.  One take, so it's rough in spots.  I caught a bit of it with
Digital Performer 3 and have posted it as an mp3 for your listening

Enjoy my looping family.


take care,