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Re: hofstadter /Dawkins Re: mathematic processes & tone clock

Memetics is the study of the ecology of cultural transmission.   A meme is
the basic unit of replication for cultural artifacts and ideas.

I went to google and turned up: www.memes.net

Actually, the concepts look pretty durn cool alright.   However, I'm not
really sure that I know where in the thread these ideas had been attributed
to Hofstadter.   On cursory inspection this memes thing looks like a
slightly more culturally oriented set of ideas than Hofstadter's; who, it
seemed, was more interested in perception from the point of the individual.
While culture plays a part in his theories, it is not necessarily the
central issue.
Thanks for the introduction, this concept and I will have to get to know
each other a little better.
Would you mind, Emile, elucidating a bit on your last post?


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> huh?
> >
> > Actually, the idea of memes is Richard Dawkins (sp?), not hofstadter
> > (whom I'm also a fan of)
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