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Re: music by numbers

To play the blues, do you have to live them too?
Time is money.
Time is space turning.
recursive nested ellipsis.
recursive nested ellipsis.

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> > No, they don't.  I didn't know anything about stereo vision when I was
> > young, yet I had depth perception.  I didn't know about how my heart
> > worked, yet blood pumped around.  I learned to walk without knowing how
> > my brain used visual and information from my inner ear to let me
> > balance.  The same way I stand upright, birds fly.  They don't
> > necessarily have to *know* about the principals to know how to do it.
> > Birds do know how to fly (most do) yet they don't understand principals
> > of air pressure and lift.
> >
> > Mark Sottilaro
> >
> we're really getting into sticky philosophical territory here.
> what does it mean to know something?
> if your brain used visual information from your inner ear,
> i say you knew it.
> if you loop that information it magically becomes topical...
> say, that suggests an interesting analogy.
> do you need to know the capabilities of the edp to loop with it?
> no, but it sure helps some people. (i'm gonna go ahead and say most
> same with formal music systems.