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RE: University Music Degree Education or Student Problem

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I don't have a GT-3, but I do have a GT-6 and it has an output control on the back side. I would assert to this if it were a GT-6 and I will suppose that it is entirely possible with the GT-3. I accidentally did this by a combination as follows I was using an electric violin with a passive piezo system and switched to an electric guitar with higher output pickups. I had also switched amplifiers and blindly plugged the setup together and proceeded to test this setup. The amp was setup with the master and gain up and with the GT-6 patch I chose I almost blew the speaker out of coarse I didn't continue to use these settings, because I have some respect for the cost of my equiptment. I would also suspect that this fellow might be covering up for his sons tendency to abuse equiptment with his explanation. I would say that there are actually no hidden features in either the GT3 or the GT6 just people who don't pay attention to what they are doing or don't care  ;-)
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I have this boss who's son is attending a local university that is reputed to be a good music school.
However, I keep hearing the most ridculous assertions made by my boss pertaining to his son.
The latest was his son's Boss GT-3 was responsible for blowing out the speakers on his Marshall stack. Due to some 'hidden'  features of the GT-3 that not many people know or some such drivel. Doesn't make sense to me. The output of a GT-3 (of which I had one once) was a line level output if I remember correctly. How could the output blow the speakers on a Marshall stack?
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