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hum on audio lines (strangness indeed)

Hey Andy,

I recently discovered a way (ok, I didn't discover it, used it for many
years in automtive airbag electronics and prototpye automotive X-by-light
systems, just started using it) by including an A/D-converter w/ toslink
connector in my keys rack, then running the length (nearly any length that
is) in 8-track-audio from my rack to the (digital) main mixer...no hum at
all :-)


Rainer Straschill
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> > length of cables not as important as keeping power cables
> seperate from
> > audio.
> >  musicians friend/guitar center regularly has good 3 foot
> cables (in pretty
> >  colors) cheap
> ....OR.........
> Avoid those cheap cables like the plague.
> Best is to buy 100m reel of studio quality mic cable
> and a whole load of jacks. Then make your own cables
> in any useful sizes you like.
> I never have a mains hum problem (YET) with
> good quality audio cables, even when all the cables are
> bundled together in one big audio/mains heap.
> andy butler