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Rick (and all you other would -be revolutionaries),

Why the heck not? Here it is:

Serge Tikhanoff,
c/o Radio Penguin
P.O. Box 29
Novosibirsk 630005

I think it's a grand idea.

In a message dated 12/29/02 3:25:43 AM, GLOBAL@cruzio.com writes:

>Just for the hey of it, Let's LOOP LIBERATE SIBERIA
>and help turn this adventuresome and supportive DJ 
>into the hippest thing north of Moscow.
>Ted, if you are into it,  why don't you post this guys'
>mailing address and let's all send him our CDs.
>I have some cool press that I've accrued about the 
>international looping movement and can send that to 
>him too, to let him know what our community is about 
>and enlist his aid in getting the music out to the people 
>of Siberia.
>You know the cosmopolitan centers of the world always 
>get the cutting edge stuff first in this world. Why don't 
>we do our part to get the stuff out to places that it 
>would normally take a few years to get to.

Long loop the revolution!

tEd  kiLLiAn