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Re: Glissantar

At 8:55 AM -0800 12/30/02, S V G wrote:

>The 6 string fretless is a new one on me.  The synth access makes it 
>that much more interesting.  I've been using the Multiac Nylon with 
>synth access

A fretless MIDI guitar has interesting implications. Presumably this 
Godin instrument is outfitted with the RMC pickups and outputs six 
acoustic signals to your MIDI convertor of choice. The convertor then 
outputs a MIDI note and pitch bend message, but what happens when 
you're playing "in the cracks"?

My Peavey Cyberbass has an interesting MIDI mode whereby each string 
outputs one  MIDI note plus a pitch bend value within a two octave 
range. That is, as you play up and down the string the note doesn't 
change, just the pitch bend value. This could work well on a fretless 
MIDI guitar, but I'm don't know if this mode exisits on any 
guitar-to-MIDI interfaces.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202