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spam: NYC Stick/Looping gig

Ciao friends.

Iíll be starting out the year with a solo Stick/Looping gig here in NYC.

Thursday, Jan 02
10.30 pm (lounge is open 9-2)
Free w/ ID

phOnOmena @ subtonic lounge

107 Norfolk Street
(bet. Rivington & Delancey)
New York, NY

Regards & Happy New Year,
Lou Rossi

PS. Below please find a link to my "cut" up online demo.


These are the tracks. FYI, 1&4 are the solo & the rest has me playing 
w/ a band...

1.  Ambient Loop
2.  Pads
3.  Processed tapping> harmonized arpeggios> "siren"
4.  Dissonant Loop
5.  Diatonic Chording clean & dirty
6. E-bow solo

Total time is 6.35

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