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What did people get for <insert the name of your favorite holidayhere>?

Hey kids,

A diggeriedoo sounds like a great instrument and present.  It got me to
thinking, since the real meaning of this season is commercialism, what
cool stuff did people get that you can loop with or put in a loop?

My wife got me the new KAOSS PAD II.  It's a *helluva* bunch of hoots, I
tell ya.  It's got 2 memory locations for samples which automatically
loop.  I think it's 6 sec of memory each.  The coolest part?  They're
independent of the effect section, so you can dial up one of the many
cool effect patches (a bunch synch to bpm or a midi clock) and and play
with the sample through any of them!  WARNING: *SERIOUS LOOP MANGLEAGE
MAY OCCUR!*  I spend hours running the output of my Korg MS2000 synth
into it.  I could probably record an entire album with just these two
devices.  FUN!  I haven't even attempted to use the KAOSS pad as a MIDI
controller, but it seems like the result can only be incredible.

Anyone else?

Mark Sottilaro