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Re: Off-Topicers Delight!

To be honest... what is there left to talk about?  We've been through
every function of every major hardware looper about 100 times.  We've
done the philosophy into the ground as well.  I even think we're
positive that "Looping" is not a genera of music... so I honestly can't
think of a single loop related thread to start.  I think in a sense that
means the list is maturing, maybe getting stale.  I'm sure there are
hundreds of list members, but let's face it, there are probably about 20
of us that do most of the posts.  An infusion of new loopers would be
nice, but where are they?  Not too many it seems.  I still enjoy the
list though.  I actually kind of enjoy the off topicness of it all
because after a while talking about looping just gets damn repetitive.

Mark Sottilaro

Kim Flint wrote:
Looper's Delight now appears to be 95% off-topic!