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FW: re: Stolen Instruments in California

This was just sent to me so I am passing it on to all you loopers in hopes
anybody might be able to help.
-Arthur Lee

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FROM:    MarlaBIs@aol.com
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DATE:    Mon, 6 Jan 2003 01:49:21 EST

RE:      re: Stolen Instruments in California

Hello everyone -

    I received this (very upsetting) note from performing
songwriter Robin Greenstein and I'm forwarding it to all
and sundry in hopes that some happy resolution will come
of this terrible event.

    Thanks for doing the same ....if some of us receive this
message 2 or 3 times over, it's certainly *nothing* in
inconvenience or annoyance in comparison to what Dave
Nachmanoff must be dealing with right now.

Marla Bodi, North Bay Director
Northern California Songwriters Association
North Bay e-mail:  MarlaNCSA@aol.com
WEBSITE:   <www.ncsasong.org>   <A HREF="http://www.ncsasong.org">NCSA</A>


<< Please forward to anyone you know in California and elsewhere who buys
instruments, deals them, attends guitar shows, vintage instrument shows, or
is affiliated with music stores.  thanks.  Robin Greenstein

---------------Dave Nachmanoff is a wonderful singer/songwriter based in
Davis, CA.
He also plays lead guitar with Al Stewart.  If you hear of any of these
for sale please contact Dave at Dave@davenach.com. Please forward to anyone
who comes into contact with musical instruments. Maybe we can find them 
they try to sell them. We'll be checking e-bay too.



If you have any info please call (530) 757-1021!

GUITAR, PW CRUMP – davenach model, 00 size, 6 string, steel string, koa

sides, spruce top, dragon inlay on headstock, letters “davenach” in

at 12th fret, internal mic and pickup

Also a CALTON Flight case – White, with red metal label with Dave

engraved on it, green interior.


MARTIN 00-21 – 6 string, steel string, rosewood back and sides, spruce

slotted peg head, with internal mic and pickup, serial number 305473.

With old-style, blue Martin case.


GODIN ACOUSTICASTER – Electro-acoustic, shaped like a Telecaster, natural

spruce top, serial number 3603

In Black Tough Traveler “gig-bag”


HUMBERTO CORREA – custom classical, rosewood back and sides, spruce top

(pale finish), label on inside says “Made especially for Dave Nachmanoff

Humberto Correa”

With Black SBK case.


YAMAHA FG-612S – 12-String acoustic, rosewood back and sides, spruce top,

diamond inlay on fingerboard, pickup installed. Serial number 10710491

In Black wood-based Yamaha case.


VIOLIN – Full size, with bridge pickup installed, in case with no handle


VIOLA– in case.


MANDOLIN – sunburst finish, flatback, “A” shape, in cardboard case.