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--Announcing: First Boston Loopfest of 2003--

Ladies and Gents: 
It's a pleasure to announce the first Boston Loopfest 
of 2003! 
Eight looping acts over two nights! We've got a  
variety of performers for these two evenings, so 
come one and all and check out what's happening 
on the Boston loop scene! 
W H E N : 
Thursday-Friday, 30-31 January 2003 
Shows will begin both nights at 7:30p. 
W H O : 
Thursday night we'll hear the first four performances: 
-Michael LaMeyer 
-Jon Wobesky with Jonathan Byerly 
-Ghost 7 
-Dave Dunbar 
Friday we'll continue the looping mayhem with  
round two: 
-Jonathan LaMaster 
-Notnoise vs. Repeatpeak 
Video artist Ann Marie Lanesey will be providing the  
visuals, and will also be MCing the event. 
W H E R E : 
Zeitgeist Gallery 
1363 Cambridge Street 
Cambridge, MA 
(right near the center of Inman Square) 
There will be a suggested donation of $10 at the 
door. [Not a soul will be turned away for lack of 
Come both nights if you can! Bring friends, family,  
your entire Glee Club! There's a lot of great  
talent on this bill to check out. If you're anywhere 
near the Boston area on the last two days of this 
month, swing over to the Zeitgeist Gallery and hear 
loads of looping....this is not an event to miss!!!! 
-peter koniuto