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RE: [looper's] RE: New to list, and questions already...

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this software update sounds quite interesting. i was thinking, if it was possible to "place" loops in a stereo pan. where can i get that update or have a closer look at the specs?
i am a guest at loopers delight for quite a long time, and decided to look out for gear just recently. i don't know a lot of the actual loop artist scene. but i want to change that, that's what i am here for. for years i am listening to torn, i like the older frisell, love sylvians "gone to earth", i like friths "guitar 4tets", parts of bowie etcetc... and it seems there are quite a few more out there. so i realized that i am listening  artists (most of them guitar oriented), that use the instrument in a different way than the usual approach to structur their compositions or just create different sounds and textures. all that is very exciting to me.
about the bargain...i bought both devices on ebay. i guess the former owner wasn't aware that they can go for much higher prices, because it was the buy it now price, and i guess, i was the first one to read that auction. so i immediately bought them. i know that was pure luck. anyway. in general i'm not a huge fan of ebay, but that's another story.
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welcome, bargain-hunter!
we are still using the ordinary and rather crappy footswitches with our expanded jam-men, but I may have to change this when I eventually get the bob sellon upgrade installed. this, if you don't know, is a non-lexicon software version (bob invented the thing, so it's ok...) that quite dramatically changes the behaviour and functionality of the jam-man. it still records in mono, but you can layer loops up and change their disposition across the stereo output. depending on y'r musical bent, you may also be interested in the ability to switch back and forth between loop and echo modes....
anyway, presumably now you've found the list, you'll be aware of a bunch of other stuff- links, files and the like.... there's plenty to read about on the jam-man, the edp, the repeater and the rest.
what kind of idiot let an expanded jam-man go for that price? you lucky dog.....
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Hi there,
I'm new to the list, and just beginning to experiment with real time looping (just bought the JamMan (fully expanded) and Vortex for $US 160 all together, what a nice start into 2003...). I have two questions:
1. I was looking into the Oberheim/ Gibson Echoplex for a while. Despite it's numerous features, is the signal processing in/ out in mono?
2. What MIDI-Controllers are most suitable for the JamMan? I followed a threat where the Roland and Behringer devices were highly praised. The delay in transmitting the MIDI-Data seems to be a concern... What are you experiences with foot controllers for the JamMan?


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