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> > insecurity factor of NAMM
> > 
> Now that is probably true (and very funny) but there
> are some of us that are 
> secure yet still slap & pop everything we touch ...
> maybe for me its just due 
> to being behind the times from being secluded in
> Montana but I like what I 
> like!

i'm with you...i once read the best advice ever from a
vic wooten column (although it could have been another
player of just as high caliber)...

he said in response to a question about what a young
player should do since his band doesn't like him to
slap and tap and experiment on his bass, that he
should go find another band.  i agree with that.  i
play with tons of different players.  sometimes i'm
chill and other times i'm looking to create new ideas
and sounds and that's who i am as a musician and doing
anything else in my mind would be compromising my

oh and for you others heading out to NAMM, stop by
booth number 6985.  Unfortunately, due to some last
minute complications, i will not be at the show...but
one of the basses that we are carrying will be.  it is
called the mbass and built by Marleuax (from germany).
 it is a quality instrument and is written up in
february bass player.  i'd love to hear all of your
thoughts on it, so stop by, plug in...grab a flyer and
drop an email or post to the list.

peace and bass, evan

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