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RE: Here's what I need in a digital delay. Recommendations?

The digitech TRS24 can do a lot of what you want except for the changing pitch by changing delay time. For that I think you could get an analog delay for that. The TRS24 has stereo outputs, 5 sec delays( the delays I discovered looping on), sample/hold function, multi-tap delays, with individual panning and I'm pretty sure you could pitch shift each tap. Of course you would have to have a second analog unit for the delay pitch changing. In which case you'd be using multiple units which isn't your aim but if you ask me, why not have multiple units? I don't think your dream is impossible. Have fun
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Subject: Here's what I need in a digital delay. Recommendations?

This is the list of things which I want in one unit, if any one of these features is missing, I don't want it. I need at least 4 seconds of delay. I need a sample and hold mode. I need stereo outputs. I need to be able to tweek the time control and get a smooth sweep in pitch (pedal control of this would be nice but not an absolute necessity). I need multi tap delays with individual panning and pitch shifting for each tap. One other feature which I'd *really* like to have but will forgo if I can get all the others is, the ability to use midi signals to adjust the speed of the delay to various levels in a rythmic sequence, resulting in a step-like change in pitch allowing me to craft pitch shifted melodies from a simple looped drone. Is my dream impossible?