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Re: looping with a mic

>--- Matthias Grob <matthias@grob.org> wrote:
>>  Its the biggest problem I have when playing with Giba: Even without
>>  monitors, my guitar leaks a little into his mikes, so when I stop my
>>  loop to build a new one onto his ongoing percussion groove, it still
>>  goes on in his loop and I am not really free to do something totally
>>  different.
>>  When will I have time to care for "electric percussion" instruments...?
>Perhaps this could be resolved by adding piezo or ribbon type 
>transducers to his
>percussion items instead of using mics?

yes, thats what I am dreaming of for a while. We have been talking 
about it before, here. It works with solid instruments, but I dont 
have a method to pick up skins yet. Maybe very close miking would be 
sufficient? Its amazing what Marcus Suzano and others do with the 
Pandeiro, with a inserted tiny mic!


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