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Re: Sitar Looping

Cino wrote:
> >  A second "minimal" factor is the constantly recurring tonic
> > drone, as well as the absence of any harmony.

David replied:
> All the notes in Raga are in the Tambura.

Again, no flame intended, but the tanpura is traditionally tuned to the
tonic, its lower octave, and usually the fifth note of the scale, but in
ragas that exclude the fifth the tanpura gets one string tuned to the next
stronger note, usually the fourth and less commonly the sixth.  However, 
to the threads that are placed between the strings and the bridge for the
characteristic buzzing sound, many overtones are also released, often
obscuring the main notes in a lovely hazy halo of sound.

> I was under the impression that between this drone and the
> notes of the Raga, we have Harmony.

Good point.  You're correct -- between the drone and each individual note 
a raga there exists the most basic sort of harmony.  When I said the
"absence of any harmony" I meant "harmony" in the Western sense of
underlying chordal structure, harmonic movement, modulation between keys,

Since we're veering way off-topic I'd be happy to continue the discussion