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Re: Jazz Looping Pedalboard

mark-very nice pic and a nice layout of your pedalboard. boy it looks 
i'm trying to set up "my new studio" (got the fostex mr-8 for xmas & 
trying to set it up my system w/ my cd recorder. boy i'm running out 
of space w/ my 4-space rack (which is now too small since my digitech 
ips33 sits on top, etc).
just nice to see a nice "relatively simple" footpedal arrangement all 
layed out. boy thinking back to the days when i ran my steinberger 
through a rat pedal and my yamaha digital delay for echo and i was 
happy w/ that.....

>I finally put up a site about my jazz looping setup with some pictures and
>mp3's enjoy.
>Mark Smart