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Re: deinition of OOP

In a message dated 1/30/2003 8:05:47 PM Mountain Standard Time, das@ubuibi.org writes:

how about;
the movement of repetition and have you set up the mp3.com site yet? you know about them charging for more then 3 tracks after the first of feb. ???


Yes, Das, the mp3 station is up:


Yes, I did read that, I'll just use mp3.com for what it is, i STILL think its an incredible tool and an incredible service!

I am preparing to go nuts on another mp3.com affiliated artist promotion site soon, just got to clear some debts, then i will also contribute to LD in spite of the slamming i received from KIM and then its loop video uploading time... (once i have a little headroom on the ol visa card, damn that NAMM show!) ;)