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Re: how to vary loops

Right, what the Repeater does with it's effects loop is totally 
possible with some sort of routing device... maybe an additional 
mixer/router combination.  For me, being able to step on a MIDI pedal 
and change my effect from at the input, to on the loop (not effecting 
the input at all) with out any extra hardware is crucial... well, maybe 
not crucial, but fun.

This makes me think of the paradyne issues between the Repeater and the 
EDP.  Very interesting, IMO.  To me, it seems like the Repeater looks 
at audio like Silly Putty.  The EDP looks at audio like Legos.  Oh, if 
only you could get a Stereo EDP for $600...

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, February 9, 2003, at 02:52 PM, Matthias Grob wrote:

> Marklar said:
>> I think varying a loop is pretty important.  Aside from a less than 
>> 100% feedback situation,
> yep, I love that :-)
>> I'm almost always applying some sort of effect to my loop via the 
>> Repeater's effects loop.  Usually the path includes processors that 
>> allow real time tweakage.  Being able to manipulate the loop while 
>> playing into the loop uneffected is what makes the Repeater my main 
>> looping device.
> but you can always put a processor after the EDP to get the same, no?
> I also want my airFX switchable before and after the EDP. Not as 
> elegantely as the Repeater does it, but still, its just a switch!
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