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on 2/12/03 12:11 PM, Andy Ewen at andy.ewen@btinternet.com wrote:

> 14. New packaging design to remove all polystyrene materials, (doing our
> bit for the planet). The new box is similar in size to the original, but
> now incorporates the EDP Footcontroller, which is supplied as standard.
> (The new EDP will, I think, be available without the Footcontroller as a
> special purchase at a reduced price. I'll check with Clive @ Gibson and
> confirm this).

Including the foot controller does a lot to justify the price. If I'd 
I might have waited since by the time I add Loop4 to the beige I got today,
I'll be in for $800.

On the other hand, then you need a package deal for stereo that would come
with 2 EDPs and 1 foot controller.

Note also that Musician's Friend lists the EFC-7 as a recommended