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[OT] Paris Loopfest Update

I've been completely rushed off of my feet lately, and have not had 
time to reply personally to any emails since before the weekend.

I will try to reply to them on Sunday when I have my next 'window of 

I will be searching for a good venue next week, once I get an idea of 
how many people want to take part etc. The Batofar may not
reopen by June as I had been told (the owners fell out with each 
other). However, I like the idea of playing on a boat, and there are
about 3 other boat venues along the same Quay that are good potential 

Re: professional money, I really do not think that given the timeframe 
of the fest, that  will be able to work miracles and find a
sponsor. Things like this have to be planned up to year in advance 
(this is France).... so, especially for the UK people (Steve et al), I 
not hold your breath that I can find decent funding this year. For 
money, I can guarantee nothing - I can't even offer floorspace :(

For those interested have not sent in a bio/links/info, please send it 
to loopfest@solostring.com so that I can get the prospectus finished
next week with your info included.


If there are a lot of loopers wanting to take part, and if I cannot 
secure a venue for the whole weekend, then I might have to limit the
festival to live looping loopers (loopers who do not use 
pre-recorded/sequenced loops)....  however nothing is decided yet.

Sorry for my English. I did not have time sleep last night. Head not 

Thanks for everyone's interest and support

Stuart Wyatt (Solo String Project) - http://SoloString.com