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Re: live looping drum machine?

Do you have any online samples? Iım semi-drum-machine-less right now (not
counting my HandSonic). Iıve thought about fixing that, but I want 
thatıs good for on the fly tweaking. The leading candidates seem to be the
Electribes and the Machinedrum (though I'm having a hard time justifying 
expense of the Machinedrum).


on 2/27/03 10:55 AM, Looping9string@aol.com at Looping9string@aol.com 

> In a message dated 2/27/2003 11:45:42 AM Mountain Standard Time,
> ngold@attbi.com writes:
>> So, please, which are the machines that can do it?
> I use a korg electribe, two of the actually...
> they work perfectly for what you say...
> and you change a lot of stuff on them on the fly...