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RE: LIVE Sound Card choices for Mac Live Loop programs?

I just bought a Titanium also and I'm currently trying to learn enough 
Max/MSP to write my own live looper. I bought a Digigram VXPocket v2 card 
to handle the live audio off eBay for about $300. The latency is about 
11ms, which is bearable I think. I'd prefer to get about 4ms or less, 
which is what I get with my PCI cards in my desktop comps, but I expect 
that it's difficult to do this over the PCMCIA bus. As far as USB goes, I 
think the latencies will be too high, and although I have no personal 
experience with it, I hear firewire latencies can be an issue also. I 
chose not to go firewire primarily because of the expense and the bulk of 
having to haul around a rack mount. The digigram card is more 


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Subject: LIVE Sound Card choices for Mac Live Loop programs?

Hi gang,

I would love some off list replies to the following questions
if anyone has the time or inclination to help me out.

I want to get a breakout box that
will allow me to do real time stereo audio
input into a MAC Titanium powerbook (800 mghz).
No, I don't want an 8 channel in MOTU or equivalent.

The Lowest Latency possible with the most inexpensive
price is what I'm looking for.

I'm a complete newbie to the MAC side of things (being a die
hard PC guy for the last 4 years) so I am incredibly
naive and unknowledgeable about my options.

I have heard that USB boxes (like DigiDesigns M-Box) could have
potential latency problems and I want to drive Antares fantastic
new audio driven synth, KANTOS with a vocal or instrument mic
with the least possible degree of latency.

Is firewire the way to go?

Are there any stereo firewired audio-computer boxes out there that
are both small in size (which is a definite consideration since I will
be touring Europe and the British Isles this summer)
and somewhat manageable economically?

I'd appreciate any and all advise from you loopers.

After NAMM, seeing KANTOS,  Ableton's LIVE,  Steve Duda's Devine-Machine
program) and Cycling 74's RADIAL, Ms. Pinky and JITTER   I decided to take
plunge (please oh please don't bury me with "I told you sos" from the Mac

yours,  Rick Walker