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Re: Tubes! They do a ____ good!

Heh, my band got our bass playing to switch to a tube preamp (ART 
SGX2000 Nightbass) and transistor power-amp when we got together and 
told him we'd never help him move his SVT rig (enclosed in flight cases 
no less) again.  We'd be playing bars that sat 100 people and he'd have 
two cabs with 8 ten's in them.  That's just wrong.  Once I turned his 
amp all the way down and he never noticed.  His feed into my monitor 
was plenty for all of us.


On Saturday, March 8, 2003, at 07:29 PM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

>>  companies who push this modeler or that
>> emulator screaming that they"sound" just like tubes-well, maybe they 
>> do
> once
>> in a while, but they NEVER feel like tubes when yer playin...
> You're right.  Carting in a 90 lb., 300-watt, vintage Ampeg SVT-II to 
> a gig
> sure is a different feeling from carrying in a 13 lb., 400-watt Eden
> Traveler head.