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Re: tascam 4 track as looper?

oops-i was talking about my ANALOG tascam 4-track (don't want it to 
go to waste).
thanks to daryl for the info and richard for the tape
length options. i will have to head to radio shack and
inquire about that.....
thanks for the help/advice!!!!

>At 11:50 AM -0600 3/10/03, Scott Hansen wrote:
>>a while back i thought there was some posts about
>>using a 4 track recorder (i have a tascam) as a looper.
>>is this possible?
>It's not clear if you're talking about an analog or digital recorder.
>I have a Tascam Porta One recorder that I've sometimes used in 
>performances, mostly for playback. However, since it is designed for 
>multitrack recording and overdubbing it is possible to record live. 
>If you use a loop cassette you could do some looping, but the loop 
>length would be constrained by the length of the cassette loop. 
>Endless loop cassettes are available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 minute 
>Richard Zvonar, PhD
>(818) 788-2202