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Re: second amp suggestions

Shopping for amps (for me) was a blast. I searched high and low to 
compliment my current rig. I asked myself: Do I go vintage to offset my 
stereo wow-aphonic rig? Do I go modern? Solid state, tube??? Man, I do 
miss shopping for amps... All the questions and answers...the opinions and 
the sounds...  Do you want to know what I found in my searching? Kendricks 
sound tubey and bluesy. Hotplates are used to suck up Marshall amp outputs 
and also provide a separate line out for extra effects or other bussed 
directions. Harmony-Central hosts oodles of opinions on amps. The Marshall 
Bluesbreaker can be gold plated and upholstered by Jaguar. Mesa Boogie's 
Road King is a freak-show of options. The studio rectifier doesn't allow 
direct/rig lines to run simultaneously. Fender is trying to model all 
their old amps with the Cyber Twin which is memorizing to watch as all the 
little dials slowly rotate per preset. I thought it sounded pretty groovy, 
but not very vintage. Fender makes a TON of amps. So does Marshall. 
Marshall nontube amps sound funky, thin (to me). Fender reissues are okay. 
There are 4 ten inch speakers in the Studio Reverb! Hardwood cabinets DO 
make a difference. Tone is in the ear of the beholder. Trey Anastasio 
looks like he uses two Fender Twins at the end of his chain of wildness. 
Eric Johnson uses some vintage Fender type amp(s) for his clean and 
Marshalls for his grungy. Angus Young tried all sorts of amps but swears 
by Marshalls. So does Satriani. I didn't buy a Marshall, though. Not this 
time. I settled on a little single 12 bubinga Fender Blues Junior. Yep. 
Paid all that money I don't have for that extra little boost in tone given 
by hardwood. You can buy the Road King (Mesa Boogie) in hardwood too, but 
that puts the bill over $3,000. And then there're 14 tubes to replace. 
This loop from the City of Vibrations is almost as long as my email. I'd 
suggest to this fella that he shop around and get a super clean, 
sparkling, Marshall Bluesbreaker or 1959 Plexi because that clean, golden 
tone (aided by the cool
 Marshall gold plate and buttons) would sound freakin' outstanding with 
this music. I think it would clean the brainwax out of any listener 
whether they wanted it or not. That's what I discovered.