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Re: Texture

Mr Powell, for most of his music and with utopia and todd, even when he'd
use what appeared to be a factory made synth (even before midi) had 
modified the keyboard to provide way more control than midi using a digital
bus of his own design running the cable to a software synths of his own

though texture was cryptic, it was brilliant and way way more versatile 
anything in it's time.

This is a really really creative and brilliant man.

As and aside:  Utopia at the Greek theater in berkeley 1979, the band
switched instruments moving each song, cycling through all of them.
Unforgettably cool thing to do.

on 3/11/03 9:36 AM, Catilyne at catilyne@icicle.net wrote:

> At 01:41 PM 3/10/2003 -0700, sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:
>> Roger Powell from Utopia heads the Finalcut Pro team at Apple?  Will
>> wonders never cease.  Didn't Todd have something to do with the
>> VideoToaster?
> Powell working on Finalcut Pro doesn't surprise me.  If I remember
> correctly, he was one of the first Pop artists (along with Larry Fast) to
> evangelize digital synthesis/sequencing.  This was during the 70's --
> before anyone had even conceived of MIDI, much less adding a computer to
> the mix.  He's always been a major hexhead.
> As for Rundgren, you're correct: he was heavily involved with the 
> although I don't recall if it were from a design standpoint or merely as 
> alpha-tester.  However, he is credited with producing some of the first
> music videos using computer animation, and these were done exclusively on
> the Video Toaster.
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