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Re: SV: Ableton LIVE's ability to loop in real time

At 03:30 AM 3/12/2003, Per Boysen wrote:
> > Från: Geoff Smith [mailto:geoff.smith15@btopenworld.com]
> > As
> > for latencies I don't understand the big deal, just got the
> > programma ASIO driver for my M-Box, this happily runs at 7ms,
>...and when it comes to looping, latency is hardly an issue since any
>recorded sound won't have to be played back until on the next loop
>round. That is if as long as you do not glitch 7 ms loops ;-)

there is also control latency in this case. When you tell it to do 
something, how long does it take before it does it? Will it always take 
exactly the same amount of time no matter what, or can it vary when the 
system is busy with other tasks? When you are trying to tap things with 
rhythm, this is important. It can be very difficult to guarantee this type 
of operation in a non-realtime os, like windows, macos, linux, etc. That 
why real-time operating systems exist.

Also "any recorded sound won't have to be played back until the next loop 
round" is only true in the most simplistic approach to looping. For 
example, what if you tap reverse while you are overdubbing? whatever was 
just recorded needs to be played back immediately or you will get a pop, 
and that pop could end up recorded in the loop since overdub is on...


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