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Behringer FCB1010

what can you program the Behringer FCB1010 to control?


---- On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Per Boysen (per@boysen.se) wrote:

> > Från: Louie Angulo [mailto:laab2000us@yahoo.com] 
> > Hi Per,
> > Can you describe your rack config. again? some of it i
> > can´t see but it resembles mine
> > thanx
> > L.a
> "Again"? Don't remember I did that before.... Anyway, here we 
> ---> Gator Rack, 
> ---> Mixer Eurorack MX1604A 
> (mounted on top of the Gator Rack)
> ---> Mic preamp Sonorus VXP1 
> (compressing acoustic input, filtering/deessing and also a 
soft gate for
> not getting a lot of noise from when I do not play into my 
loops. Used
> mostly for tenor saxophone by either a cheap "bug mic" or 
house PA mic),
> ---> Guitar preamp Digitech GFX1 TwinTube 
> (using only one "preset" that sounds ok with my Stratocaster. 
That's a
> clean guitar sound. I have almost stopped using distortion 
since I
> bought a cello bow last year. By bowing the strat I can get a 
tenor sax
> similar sound from the lowest string)
> ---> EDP
> (EDP is midi clock master. Always dividing memory into four 
loops. Using
> all 15 programs with different settings for 8th/cycle, 
quantize, overdub
> and insert mode)
> ---> Repeater 
> (slaving to EDP midi clock. Two track outputs going into 
separate mixer
> channels. Two other outputs - always panned left/right - 
going into one
> stereo mixer channel.
> ---> Lexicon LXP-5, digital reverb 
> (only using one preset that I think is the best)
> ---> Really Nice Compressor 
> (used in RNC mode on the master output from the mixer)
> I have stopped using the EDP foot control and control both 
loopers with
> a Behringer FCB1010. You can't get all, since setting the 
system up is a
> balance between having access to many cool tricks and being 
able to
> improvise freely. Can't be too complicated ;-)  And I also 
use some of
> the stuff with living room studio recordings.
> Oh, I almost forgot some non rack stuff. There's a MC-303 I 
> slave to midi clock for drum loops. And there's a CD walkman 
I can use
> with vocal speaches. Normally I like to stay away from using 
drums and
> vocals but it's cool to keep it handy anyway.
> The EDP 8th/cycle settings I use is for "straight" 
4/4, "jazzy" 6/8 or
> "arty" 5/4. I would like to be able use more time signatures 
> 7/8) but these three are what fitted into only 15 memory 
> regarding program copies with alternate overdub and quantize 
> Again: you cant have everything ;-)
> Best regards
> Per Boysen