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Re: Dragging Instruments

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:01:17 -0800
From: <stanitarium@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: Dragging Instruments
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> Personally,  I don't see the big deal about dragging
> instruments around.
> All my life I've wanted to play the sounds in my head and
> now I finally can do it.  I do this because I want to, not because the
> pay is good or the schlepp light.

> Rick Walker

i hear ya bro-
i work w/ the band <the mermen>,i am the main schlepper and if anyone has
seen their stage set-up its a huge buncha stuff-a veritable guitar/music
and its just bass,guitar and drums...
anyway the point is whatever it takes for you to"bring it!" ya gotta make
the sacrifice. if there is anywhere to scrimp it shouldnt be w/ the
equipment that makes the music.
thats my/their belief anyway.


Jeesus Stan, I feel for you, I saw the Mermen guitar players rack down at
Eselan one time, years ago, couple of twin reverbs, couple of 18 or 20
space racks  filled to the brim,extra speaker cabs, etc... Ouch! Get me to
the chiropractor.  But what a glorious sound echoing of the cliffs of Big
Sur. My rack and pedal boards are'nt exactly light duty, What I'm trying to
minimize, is size and weight, but some things are just heavy. I'd
eventually like to get some really small powerfull,full range speaker
cabinets like the Euphonic Audio stuff. I use those wimpy SKB cases simply
because the are much lighter than wood cases. Gear Schleppage, I guess its
the price you pay for wanting to have a lot of sonic variety. The trap of
all this is you can amass such an armada of gear that you spend all of your
time tinkering with sounds, and precious little time playing, or worse yet,
playing the same ideas over and over as you keep toying with the signal
processor.  I must say that there is something very "desert island"
seductive, about being able to arrive at a gig with a laptop, an interface,
my instrument, and all of the softsythn,softlooper,modeling, and effects
plugins you could dream about. there is also something  a little
nightmarish about the same scenario crashing in the middle of a set. Not
that you can avoid gear meltdowns with hardware loopers, heh, I own a
repeater! its just that with, hardware stuff its easier to have a back up,
or a work around. With a computer, if it crashes mid performance, be
prepared to tell a few jokes...