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Re: New Album Preview Part 1


     I have been following your music for the past year and a half now.  I 
am totally impressed
with the knowledge and control you have with the EDP.  My mind is 
intellectually stimulated when I
listen to your music, I keep thinking "what is he doing at this moment to 
create this sound?"  I
could spend hours in rapt fascination listening to your music.

     With one exception.  When I check in with my internal sensibilities, 
I find myself all
a-jumble.  There is an abruptness and a harshness in this latest tune of 
yours (and many others I
have listened to in the past) that almost hurts in a physical way.  I 
don't know what to make of
this, I usually just write this kind of sensation off as "that digital 
sound" and yet I don't hear
many other musicians talking about this.  This is a purely physical 
reaction to listening to your
latest offering.  As I said earlier, I am intellectually fascinated and 
quite in awe of what you
are doing.

     I don't mean these comments in any kind of mean spirited way.  
Rather, were I in your shoes,
I'd be more interested in hearing what difficulties my listeners had with 
my music (well okay, I
would like to hear the rave gushing reviews once in a while too).

     I don't always listen to music for its relaxing effect either.  Case 
in point, one of my
favorite pieces of music is Penderecki's "Utrenja", which has a harshness 
to it as well.  Yet it
seems to be a harshness that serves a deeper purpose (and without that 
abrupt digital cutting off
of sound in a rapid fire way).  Another favorite of mine which comes close 
to your work,
Subotnick's "The Wild Bull".  I mention these pieces because they share 
some things and yet the
overall feeling I am left with in my body after listening to either of 
these aforementioned pieces
is one of inner quietude and reflection.

     I hope this mini review is of some help to you.  If there is need for 
further elucidation, I
can speak further on the subject.

     With respect,


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