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Re: talkative audiences

<<<maybe people just won't pay any attention
unless the dB's generated from the PA can 
exceed the ones from their all-important 

Pete Townshend once said that was why The Who
were so loud early on in their career, because he
wanted the band to be what everyone was focused
on without any of the inane behaviour human
beings engage in when they go anywhere there's a

I can never comprehend people who spend upwards
of 50 bucks (or more) to go to a concert, then
spend the entire show basically ignoring the band
and carrying on a conversation. I mean, you can
do to any bar in the world and do that, and save
yourself the price of the concert ticket. 

I remember a few years ago, when I saw Roy Harper
in concert, after each of the first two or three
songs, he turned his attention to someone sitting
in the front, saying things like "You know I can
tell you what you've been talking about during
each song", etc. Finally, I think it was the
third or fourth song (a very quiet ballad), he
stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG, and basically
said something like "Would you please either stop
talking or go to the back of the room!!!", in a
very pissed off tone of voice. Hey, he TRIED
being polite about it, about ya know how
Americans are. 

May you never thirst!
The Scuba Diver Presently Known As Chris

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Earl Jones

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