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Re: my new cd....

      Please send a copy my way. 

                            James Sidlo
                            430 Tophill
                            San Antonio, Texas 78209

   As I'm not stateside now, I cannot mail you any of my cds.But if you 
could wait six months...

                       Thanks, James

In a message dated 3/26/2003 10:58:46 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu writes:

> i just finished recording my first all "digital" cd
> using the fostex mr8.
> it's called: "CORP ROCK SUCKS" (clever eh?)
> if anyone would like to get a copy, please email me your
> "snail mail" address to:
> scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu
> and i can mail you a copy. it's free. if you have any
> music (looping) you'd like to trade, i'd love to hear it, but not 
>necessary if
> you don't.
> it is 78 min long, 26 tracks. 8 vocal songs (6 reworked from my 1st 
> project), 2 vocal loop experiments, and the rest are my experiments 
> w/ guitar/noise loops.
> it's not a perfect cd, but sounds better than my last one, which
> was recorded on an old tascam 4-track.
> examples of my last cd can be heard at:
> http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/452/hsacnostetn.html
> and i should qualify, the loops are not as good as DT's/Mr. Fripp's 
> /ANDRE's/tEd K's, but hey, they've been doing it a lot longer than 
> me, but i sure have fun trying....
> thanks,
> s---
> ps-also wanted to thank all the loopers-delight folks who "countered" 
> all the bad press that i got from my first cd. the bits of praise and 
> encouragement were nice after some uninformed critics views....this 
> is a great community for sharing/encouraging/finding 
> answers.....(or 
> questions....)...
> --