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Re: Tube amp HUMMMMMMM...Ground?

i can give you tip on this....
if you do want to do a plumbing ground (you actually probably have one if
you have cable tv)
we need to thump a brass/copper rod some 18 inches into the ground next to
your water or electric main.
then soldier a copper cable from the rod to the main housing.
inside you can then use regular speaker/lamp cord to ground to what ever
you had grounded outside.
worked for me here !!

Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> Hey tubeamp fans.
> I found a nice all tube used Ampeg Reverbrocket and after all that talk
> about all tube amps, I broke down and got one.  At the owner's house it
> was all nice and quiet.  He lived in a nice modern house probably built
> 70's or earlier.  However, now that it's in my 90s apt (uh, that's
> actually 1890) I'm getting major HUM.  Most of my other gear is
> relatively quiet, but I had to put an isolation transformer on my
> computer's output to stop from getting interface sounds.
> I've been told a down and dirty way to set up a ground (I always like
> the Brit's "earth" better) is to take a wire from the ground socket and
> bring it to some form of plumbing, like a sink pipe or toilet.  Is this
> OK?  I'm sure our landlord wouldn't be up for paying an electrician to
> set up a proper ground, so this is something that I'll have to be able
> to do.
> I used to set up grounds all the time for TV arials.  Would the same
> technique work?
> Mark Sottilaro