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Re: Naked Blues...


it's sounds great, but the burning question is...

can you do the hamster dance while you play? ;o)

more smiles

PS - think I mentioned it here, but can't be sure  - there's an MP3 of
Michael Manring and I duetting at the Anaheim Bass Bash back in January, on
my website (the MP3's on my website, we were duetting in a conventional
venue... ;o) - if you want to have a listen, feel free - lots of EDP/MPX-G2
useage from me...

>   Hey All, -just wanted to post a snippet from my set with Stanley Planet
> and Jimmy George in  Denver, at Sweet Rockin' Coffee on the 15th.  SP is
> Bass, JG is on vocals, and yours truly is on guit...  The quality isn't
> best since I needed to compress the heck out of it, so I apologize.
>   -Hope ya like it!  <smile>
>   You can find it at:
> http://home.earthlink.net/~thefates/NakedBluesCQSPJG.mp3