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Re: Chapman Sticks and Snow

>Guitarists should veer towards the 8 string version. (T/F)

False. The 8 string version is the equivalent of a bass guitar.

>The 12 string version is better for bassists. (T/F)

False. The 12 string version is better for people who want 12 strings.

>The 10 string version is the safest bet for unsure buyers. (T/F)

False. The 10 string version is probably a little less intimidating to 
on, but not much. You'll soon find yourself lusting after 12 strings.

In any case, after the first 'hump', you are going to find them a lot 
to practice than a bass or a guitar, since you will always be accompanying

>They're not worth the money. (T/F)

They are expensive - I've never own a brand new one.

>Hey, don't forget to visit my brand spanking new and first MP3.com/cphere
site: >www.mp3.com/cphere

Awesome. This is nice stuff. Are you sure you want to be putting it on
mp3.com? You know, they take ownership of anything you place there...