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Re: PSP42 versus PCM42

Title: Re: PSP42 versus PCM42
dr. zvonar wrote:

I worked with the 42 regularly back in "the day" (1983-85), but haven't had one since. My questions are about certain features of the signal path and about the way the delay tap buttons work. Specifically:

*nothing happens to the captured audio until you disengage the repeat button. and then it catches a truncated version(random) depending on what you padded those buttons to. there is no pitch change.*

*its all captured.*

*dont quite understand-repeat button is saving whatever has been captured. mix pot set to 'input' lets only the input(dry)signal to be heard.*

*your loop sound decreases incrementally as yer input sound increases.*

*it eventually fades over time if set at full feedback-but it can take a LONG time.*

any more questions i can help w/?
i have  a copy of the owners manual i can send ya-dr.

looking forward to that review-where will it appear?