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Re: shipping from u.s.a. to italy...suggestions?

Whatever you do, please, please insure it for full value!  And don't pack 
in a way that looks like its valuable.  About a year ago, my company 
a $25K machine in a nice wooden crate with UPS and insured it for $100 only
to save money.  UPS claimed that they had lost it, and it was never found 
they paid out the $100.  A year later one of our customers called us to 
us that they just bought it on Ebay for $1000.  It turns out that UPS
"loses" warehouses full of packages all the time, and they sell of the 
warehouse to a third party liquidator every once in a while.  And its
totally legal because once UPS has paid out the insured value, they become
the legal owner of the package if it is ever found.  We had absolutely no
legal recourse.

Please, don't make this mistake.

>   I
> > suggest undervaluing so that it will reduce the
> > amount of duties the receiver will have to pay (you
> > could probably get away with giving it a value of
> > about $100).
> this is a really risky move.  sure you'll save a few
> buck on customs, however, if the unit is damaged or
> even worse, never shows (yes, it does happen - all of
> the time)...you'll only receive what you declared in
> insurance.  it is sort of a catch 22, but i'd go with
> the real cost just to be sure that you don't lose out.
> evan
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