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OT: Where is Leander Reininghaus?

Hi Loopers,

Leander Reininghaus has been planning the 
1st Berlin Live Looping Festival on July 4th
in Germany and I have completely lost contact with 

Does anyone happen to know of his whereabouts or
contact information?

I've e-mailed him several times but have had no response
for a few weeks and I'm getting worried as I have a few days planned 
in Berlin on my upcoming tour.

I'd appreciate any information that anyone has.
Please contact me off list.

By the way,    if anyone wants to contact me personally
would they please do so at this e-mail 

RICKWALKER@looppool.info   and NOT  the global@cruzio.com  address

I have a rather rigorous new spam filter that seems to be grabbing
some of my mail.

Thanks very much,   yours, 

Rick Walker