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Re: on-stage personal monitoring...loop-related, i assure you

Has anyone tried or used these headphones?


I'm also thinking of using headphones for monitors when I play live, as 
it seems totally hit or miss as to whether or now you're going to get 
any monitors at all at some venues.  After specifically asking a stage 
manager at a huge show, "Will there be monitors for the bands?" and was 
told yes, there was a "killer system." I found out that the DJ oriented 
show had *no* monitor system at all and it was very hard to hear 

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, May 4, 2003, at 08:59 AM, JAMES FOWLER, III wrote:

> the band i play with, mainframe theory, employs loops
> all over the place.  it's great because it allows me
> to become 5 guitarists and it serves as a metronome,
> which is great for those drummers that like to speed
> up when they get excited.
> but...making sure that everybody can hear the guitar
> is difficult.  keeping up with the drummer isn't
> difficult...keeping up with the guitar is.  i'm
> thinking that personal mixes via headphones is the
> only way to ensure that everybody gets a great mix, so
> i want to know if anybody is doing this.  i'll
> probably need to mic the bass and guitar and feed that
> somehow to three sets of phones for myself, bassist,
> and most importantly, the drummer.
> suggestions?
> -jim